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Track Name: Five Bucks Great Dog
I know, I hear
The tactile veneer
Of what I should feel
But depth isn't here

The timing
a way out
It's turning
It's stale now
And lessons
Not laid out
Forget it
And lay down

Swallow my brain
As bodies entrain
Old thoughts still near
Stuck behind the here
Track Name: Washington & Broad
why? don't you choose?
it turns when you move
I, felt your breath
but you can't conclude

would you change the words just to fit time?
change the space for a straighter spine

don't you choose
when you move?
each new breath
won't conclude

why? do the angles have to be right?
for you to speak your lines
Track Name: Knitting with Cat Hair
Ocean blue stain
I don't know the where
I never felt the air so cold
Tracing out lanes
Erratically arranged

Always rearrange always rearranging
Is it ever aging
Calling it's name
Never was the same thing

Last night's collapse
Feels less like the last

This is not same
There was never rain
You were crying out
But do you want the change

Relapse in your eyes
Feel it go
Wonder why I
never show

My mind
Tired and old
Watch it go
Track Name: You're Not Just Some Eisenhower Are You?
The touch of green
Trying to grow
As I felt the skin collide
Dull and sweet
lies like the glow
burning my lungs inside

We change
You know that
I wish I'd never found the seam
And pulled back
To tear it
The stitching fades to grey from green

The seams decay
exposed & bare
As I felt the words collide
try to forget
what I couldn't ever hide

Your god damn arrogance Is all I know

Now I
never felt so near
as when I felt it burn and die
try to forget
what I couldn't ever hide
Track Name: Young Roosevelt, Your Tongue Is So Dry
Shrink away
From the sounds
That left my mouth
When I knew you
Seal away
All the nouns
Forget the space
Until it moves you

I know you said
that you're leaving
I feel the space
So uneven
I hear the words
like I'm near them
I feel the space
So uneven

Lie and shake
Feel the space
Track Name: Jefferson Invents the Wheel
where I
felt it
slowly grow
when I
let it
slip and go

turn out the light
for more than a moment I'm fine
question my spine
because of the moment I find
feel it in time
less and less of your lines
wondering why
it's never the motion in my mind

I am cyclically preparing
For lying about caring
You are never really hearing
What's on my mind

You are never really seeing
what I find

you're on my mind
I'm out of line
Track Name: S. Adams
I could never let you know
my skin objects
but talks too low

The space of the room collects
My absent thoughts against your chest
They seem to, regroup, when you call

I'm cold
I know
An old promise that it's changing
your skin
so slow
I can barely feel it aging

you're tired
I know
hoping not to feel it go
I could never let you know
it's evident when we're alone
Moving slow
I wonder where my stare should go
and if you know